… and transparency for all

Many people misunderstand why “anticorruption crusaders” do not want to show their income and property in e-declarations. They say, it’ll show the “milking” of grant funds, and this is the main reason for the desperate screams by some manufacturers of papier-mache toilets. In fact, this is not the only and not the main reason. First, you cannot see the “milking” so simply. Only the grant makers themselves, after looking at declaration, will be able to understand where and how they were deceived. But they are actually satisfied with everything, they are happy to deceive themselves, and there is no problem for them to issue another pack of crispy franklins to any Shabunin. Grant makers fully well know that they are dealing with slickers and scammers, and take it as part of the business. Second, there is no problem with possible criminal cases. Nobody will dare to open a criminal case against representatives of the “in-crowd”: they are protected by parliamentary immunity, ties to forces and judges, influential lobby in the United States. So all this is nonsense. The main problem of declaring, which caused Ukrainian grantees to lose face, struggling with transparency (contrary to their own ideology!) is strategic and communicational.

The fact is that Ukrainian professional fighters against corruption do not know how to work without communist rhetoric. Exclamation “He stole ten million dollars!” does not work without clarification “And built a palace for them!” This was always the strength of our “anti-corruption”: they almost never could build an evidence base for their exposures (because of lack of intelligence, diligence and professionalism), but the palaces of the heroes of the plots actually existed and served as proof: there is no smoke without fire. The main motivation for them was: to grow tall on the humus of communist rhetoric, to insert the oval of their faces in the square of the TV forever, to earn the love of the electorate and to become a politician. Real. Not a society figure. Deputy, minister, president after all!

But these dreams were rudely cut short. What will happen if millions of taxpayers find out that exposer also have built their palaces? That they earn more than a minister or a president. That they carry American money to their wives’, lovers and friends accounts as dashingly as any thief from the customs service. Though there are also enough enemies of “anti-corruption crusaders”. And if these enemies (at the end of each note about the next race of pandas on paper toilets around the Cabinet) will add: “Let’s highlight that the e-declaration of a fighter against corruption Gnapunin shows his large country house, three Mercedes, million of income and tax avoidance,” the Ukrainian beggar society will click its tongue and say: “Wow, this is an anti-corruption crusader! And he stole so much!” After all, every leftist knows that there is no own money, there is only money stolen from the working class. And the Ukrainian people, especially gratefully laping “anti-corruption” words up are basically leftists, mentally perverted by the planned economy.

So it turns out that e-declaration completely deprives “anti-corruption crowd” from the main resource, the crowd that (contrary to the methodical instructions of the grantors) eagerly charged themselves with high-wage salaries for many years. This main resource is trust. Who will believe a society figure if the figures of his bank account are reflected in his honest blue eyes? There will be no political career, there will be no respect, there will be no support of many really honest people who believe in the disinterestedness of “fighters”. That’s why the anti-corruption millionaires are trembling. And rightly so.