Lawyer Martha “The Beet-Root Soup”

Martha Borsch, whom the anti-corruption community repeatedly persuasively lobbied for the post of auditor of the NABU, withdrew her candidacy, and instead decided to become a lawyer for a runaway people’s deputy Onishchenko.

The NABU built a case long time ago against this deputy. For this reason, everyone is excited and running on the jump, because it seems strange to them that the person who was to fight to lock Onishchenko up, will now fight against it. But.

This is based on the assumption that the task of the NABU is to lock corrupt officials up. In this case, that is a fail and shame, and we have a right to wonder, how it turned out that the person who was going to be an honest and nonprejudicial auditor of the NABU with the support of the anti-corruption community will now fight with the NABU in the ranks of Onishchenko.

But. Why, in fact, do we rely upon this assumption? What cases give us such a lesson? Does Nasirov’s case give us such lesson? Onishchenko’s case? Zlochevsky’s case?

No. All famous cases of the NABU are monotonous enough. The NABU gets the case, loudly initiates the investigation and even more loudly fails this investigation. Then the person safely leaves the building in any convenient direction. Then Lutsenko and the GPU are accused in that all, but not those who organized that all.

In other words, I know what tasks are written into the statute of the NABU. I have read what Sytnik says, but it’s quite uninteresting for me. Because if it looks like a duck, swims, flies, creeps like a duck, it’s not so important what it quacks.

And if we, according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, shall judge by their fruits, and not by their words, then it turns out that there is no ideological conflict between the tasks of Martha Borsch, as the advocate of Onishchenko, and the tasks of the NABU as an investigative body relevant Onishchenko’s case. Here and there the task is the same – to get Onishchenko off.

Hence it is not surprising that there are no claims from anti-corruptionists to Marta Borshch. Everything is logical.