Minister of Criminal Argot

This text is about the outrageous statement of Avakov about the fate of the naked ass of еpatage journalist from Eurovision. This statement is a symptom of a low illness of our “law enforcement authorities.” The name of the disease is “criminal culture”. I keep my mouth shut and don’t say that Avakov’s statement keeps pace with Putin’s “waste in the shithouse”. For this reason it is doubly disturbing that in view of the inevitable collapse of the Narodny Front, Avakov plans a solo political career. I will say something else. No lustration, no “cleanup” will help to create the Ukrainian police in place of the post-Soviet police – as long as the police servants remain in the grip of the inhuman, sluggish, stultifying criminal culture that they themselves have fostered.

One must understand the big question: an uncultured, uneducated, paracriminal police officer is a danger for the Ukrainian society and for each of us. We trust a bludgeon, a gun, and the right to use them for people who do not read books, cannot quote a poem, do not think about moral dilemmas, do not know the basis of law, and instead absorb all of the values ​​from the criminal. No wonder that after all they are not able to quote the Constitution, they do not know human rights and laws, by right of which they must act! And when the turning point comes (that point that has already come in our history, alas) they will disperse crowd with these bludgeon, they will shoot in the innocent from these guns, they will imprison the white-handed.

We do not need policemen who listen to Butyrka, respect Leps and appreciate Vaenga, do not read books, do not learn on their own, and, as a result and consequence, live by the criminal code. This is not a trifle or a niggle. We need police officers who listen to Vivaldi and Pink Floyd, respect Camus, appreciate Grushevsky and live by the law and humane ethical standards. The police should receive additional courses of literature and theater, watch documentaries on the cultural aspect of crimes, about ethical teachings, religions and history of law, read classics (and not only detective genre), take exams. The true purpose is not to make guards of the order highly cultured people and philosophers. The purpose is to make all persons who have culture allergy, complex words and self-education allergy to leave for the radio “Chanson” or for service on taxi where their cultural characteristics will be less dangerous. Crime tolerance begins with songs about prison and criminal concepts. And if a policeman speaks with quotes from “criminal music” and does not know how to put two words in human language together, the criminals will have no respect for the law, but only the feeling “this time I’m caught, but no matter, in general I’m doing everything right.”

Therefore, I believe that the state and society must extinguish our police with theater, classical music and philosophy, as long as idiots take run. Then the chance for smart people to come to the police will grow. These people will cause respect for the law (rather than fear of being beaten in jail).