Neither Ukrainian, nor truth

“Ukrainskaya Pravda” (lit Ukrainian Thruth) released material, which says that the films of Dangadze-Saakashvili-Kurchenko, provided by the GPU, have elements of editing. The narrative, which is proposed to the reader, is between the lines and is that the tapes are falsified. The author of the material is a man in name Bratushchak.

I love a bratushchak-man from long ago. A year ago, he came to Nikolaev to write a story about the fact that Senkevich is an excellent mayor, who is terribly terrorized by the regional organization of the BPP. He was not able to contact with the regional organization, because it is very difficult to get through to someone if you do not call him. But he did a serious job and came to the conclusion that despite the many facts of cooperation between Senkevich and Oppoblock (which were highlighted by almost all the respondents) except for the pressure of the evil regime, the attitude of the citizens to the mayor would be much better.

Ever since, a bratushchak-man is my guiding light in the field of journalistic impartiality, objectivity and UE standards ever since.

And he did not sell short. The material puts such a slant that the records are mounted, so it’s all up, the damn GPU tells lies.

People, who reposted a video that the Chinese are selling rice from reprocessed plastic before, are now telling stories that Lutsenko is falsifying the video.

Although ipso facto the expert says in an interview (just about forty times) that it is impossible to say anything definitely; that a fact can speak about one thing, and about the other; it is not the source, but the material compiled for a viewer; it is impossible to make unmistakable conclusions; and even the fact that we thought that recording from one side is better than from the other, can talk about nothing, because the initial data is not enough.

Everyone kinda – well, wow, the material is compiled! Installation! Oh, you damned Lutsenko! We thought, when the picture changed and the letters too (first, October 10, then October 11, then November) it just reminded us that there are different months, but in fact, we thought it was all the same record of the same conversation of four people. It’s just that at some random moment camera turns on and they meet and pass the money, and it all happens on the same day in the same room.

Now it turns out, that is not so! Now it turns out, it is an editing of several fragments! Hegh, artful Lutsenko! He deceived us all! Incredible!

It turns out that Lutsenko shows us one films, and the FBI specialists – completely different ones? Source materials will be sent for review, and not the compilation for YouTube? Irony of irony.

In the issue, these our compatriots vote for someone else here in an election with their heads full of waste products of a bratushchak-man and his colleagues.