Princess Lie

At first I thought that it was Bankova who made the fake page of Tymoshenko to publish her comic book, in which Darth Porokh was going to launch the pension reform, and Tymoshenko killed him in return.

Then I thought, well, Your mightiness, it cannot be Bankova, you saw this Bankova, it’s too complicated for her, it’s probably “porohobots” who one way or the other themselves made it.

Then I thought, well, for Bankova it’s too much, for “porhobots” it’s too little. That couldn’t be true that people went into drawing on such a primitive topic.

I went to the official page. I looked and saw. That was a real page of Tymoshenko with five thousands likes, likes of  true regional figures of “Batkivshchyna”.

It’s clear. She decided to make a fool of herself nationwide.

Darth Porokh looks by sight like Les Podereviansky. It is, of course, an overkill, Julia Volodymyrivna. This was a good idea to compare Peter Alekseevich. If you were looking for someone most beloved and blessed among the living Ukrainian art classics – you found him, thank you.

And dozens of authorial variations and travesties of your secondary work, much more talented than your crafts, did not keep you waiting. That is no surprise. You can not turn to the audience that hates you, with unworked ideas, especially if it’s a knowledge-based audience with skills of instant aggressive feedback.