Saakashvili’s cult

In regards to the multiple arrests of Saakashvili. I will appeal to the followers of Saakashvili.

You say Poroshenko is bad and he made all the reforms fail. You say Lutsenko is bad and he made all the reforms fail. And about everyone you say so, and reforms in any case are fails.

But now let me explain why (even if we assume that this is very much so) all this is absolutely no excuse for you, and you are still not conscious citizens, but cult followers.

In the existence ideology of organizations, there are two possible mutually exclusive approaches. The first is mafia-style: we are committed to each other, we defend each other at any costs, because only we have the right to evaluate each other. The second is religious, we are faithful to principles, we are not united by individuals, but by ideas. We are open to all who share our principles and refuse all those who betray them.

And you are just a destructive cult.

Who does not understand – I reveal the core of the idea better.

An evil hostile prosecutor’s office seized not one person, but two. Mikheil “clear honey” Saakashvili, and Severion “we don’t know him” Dangadze.

You all gathered in full strength for Mikheil Saakashvili and blocked the SBU and the court and fought, and bailed him. Because the GPU films are counterfeit and there were no Kremlin money, Mikheil did not take them, because you do not believe in it, and you are not standing because of his personality, but because of the principles.

But no one came out for Severion Dangadze, who appears on these tapes with his face and with his golden hands, to which hundred thousand dollars stuck. And the court ordered him 60 days in confinement cell. And you do not protest. And no cogs in your mind stir. And you do not ask Mikheil himself – sir, why don’t we go to rescue our friend Sever? Why are we silent? And you do not ask each other – why where it comes to Micheil we consider the films not real, but where it comes to Severion we consider them real. Let him serve his time, we do not care. Why are you keeping silent, Micheil? Why are you keeping silent about Sever?

Severion is not ours, is he? He seems to be ours, the head of the Kiev regional organization of the RNS, not the lowest of the low, and even if he was the lowest, he would still be ours.

Did Severion betray our principles of fighting corruption and took money from hucksters? It seems he did not (if we do not recognize the reality of the films). And we do not recognize, because if we do, it turns out that Nikolozovich, our dear one, is the very same huckster like those he promised to fight.

So why for our remarkable organization that opposes the hucksters and be committed to the principles of equality and revolutionary democracy, it is quite normal when under the same evidence two persons are taken by police officers. However, in one case, it is OK, and in the other case, we shout: Ukrainians get up! How long can we stand it?

That’s why you are a cult. Because you are in a third type of organization – cultic. Where the chief said – that’s the truth. And he must be protected at all costs, because he shines for us instead of the sun, he is our truth. And all the rest are just dust, they will be prisoned, they will be gobbled, they will be tortured – it does not matter.

In sum, your cult tells us that it is going to build a society of civil rights and freedoms in Ukraine. OK. I do believe. That’s exactly what all agressive cults usually do.

PR of religion, mafia and cults always have the same patterns (because they are created by the same people; there are much more organizations than organizers in our world). Nevertheless, you cannot hide the patterns of behavior behind the formal positioning. And the patterns of behavior help us to understand what is hidden behind the cloud of PR.