Saakashvili’s Letter to Poroshenko

“This is the letter of the responsible politician who will rock the oligarchs’ kennel, but not Ukraine. The fact that Bankova has published this letter is a weak position.” This is how Saakashvili’s main office reacted to the publication of the letter from Saakashvili to Poroshenko.

In other words, Saakashvili’s letter is real. After all people did not believe (neither his followers, nor his opponents) that Mikheil Nikolozovych really wrote bad grammar, and really addressed to Poroshenko by mail. But he did.

Let us see which serious conclusions follow from this.

1. It turns out that there is no agreement between Poroshenko and Saakashvili. Yes, we’d really appreciate if… But alas! There is a war, and in this war Poroshenko shows supreme ruthlessness.

2. In fact, this letter is a white flag from Saakashvili, a request for a truce. Mikheil Nikolozovych believed that all his previous jumps are just political movements, a game, but he saw that he was losing in it, and tried to play in personal issues to move away, regroup, make arrangement.

3. When he decided to talk, it turned out that Poroshenko did not think it was a game, and took it seriously. Poroshenko is not going to agree on armistice, but he used Saakashvili’s white flag in order to ridicule Mikheil Nikolozovich. This is a counterattack at that time when Saakashvili decided that he was able to afford to get open. Incredibly cruel counterattack followed. It meant: “We will never agree, it’s personal, we are enemies.”

4. Attempt to contact in the form of a letter is already a very bad sign for Saakashvili. Can’t he call Poroshenko? Well, let’s suppose he can not. But there are related persons who can help and ask for a meeting. But he has to use the letter, i. e. all other ways of contact between Saakashvili and Poroshenko are blocked by Poroshenko, only letters and prayers remained.

5. Mikheil Nikolozovich should think: Can I bear with a man who did not want to put with me up? Can I bear with a man who was insulted by me for half a year from all the scenes and in all the ethers? Can I bear with a man who waited for me to grow weak, and now got a convenient time to be done with me? Mikheil Nikolozovich positively gives an incorrect answer to this rhetorical question and writes a letter which he will be blamed for both by enemies and friends.

6. That means that Mikheil Nikolozovich takes reality inadequately. He makes mistakes even in clear-cut case. He lays himself open in such situation when even Semenchenko would never lay himself open.

7. Poroshenko is very cruel, revengeful and patient person destitute of compassion. If I were his enemy, I would not hope that eventually everything will pass. So I would either finish it off to the end, or run and hide. Because this case teaches us that Poroshenko does not take prisoners and does not conclude capitulation.

Political PR is always about the same thing. How not to make a fool of yourself, but how to make fools of your opponents. In this case, Saakashvili gave Poroshenko the opportunity to make him a fool. And Poroshenko did not lose this opportunity.