You need the voters only for sex

A common feature that unites all of our politicians is that they are very bad lovers. Not in bed, of course (though, it is possible in bed too), but with the voters.

The election campaign for a politician is like a love affair. The voters for a politician are like a woman whom a politician wants to make fall in love with him. Election Day is like a night in bed.

All our politicians turn away and snort after the night in bed with their own voters. Because tomorrow they have a difficult day – they need to go to work to coin money, which they need to buy a night in bed with the voters next time in a few years.

For this reason, every night is like the first time for our politicians. Every voter is like a stranger. It is unclear until the last moment – will he succeed, or not. It is scary, so it does not always work.

Well, what prevents a politician or PR expert from reading some clever book? Well, if you cannot conceive the difficult one, try to conceive the simple one. Buy a magazine Cool Girl, Cosmopolitan, look at the pictures, draw parallels.

And it becomes clear that the voters (unlike the politicians) cannot get hot in half an hour and get satisfisd within two minutes in the booth. You need to work with them, look for their sensitive zones, experiment. Regularly, not once a year.

And it becomes clear that the voters do not like being changed to another voters. That the voters are jealous, and if yesterday you were walking with young radicals, and today – with elderly conservatives, then in the end, none of them will trust you. Maybe they’ll even take a lark once with you if you get them drunk, but a long love affair is not going to happen. Just aftertaste, awkwardness and then scandal at home.

But if you show yourself to be a true family man, stubborn and hardworking, and take care of your voters every single day, talk to them after sex, thank for the pleasure they have given, present with flowers not only “before” but also “after”, then you may expect miracles to happen. The voters will believe that you need them not only for sex, that it is true love, and then you will never get rid of them.

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